Parent Perspective: 5 Things on Recruiting I Wish We Knew Early


By Scott Burnett, parent of Briana Burnett who recently signed with Army

1. Importance of Grades

I wish we had known how vitally important grades were starting freshman year of high school. It's so much easier to start at a high GPA and maintain it versus letting it slip and trying to bring it back up. Encourage your kid(s) to stay on top of classes, homework and other assignments.

2. Score Big This Time of Year

Since recruiting is happening earlier and earlier now, I wish we knew how helpful and insightful early ACT and SAT scores were throughout the recruiting process. It's never too early to start taking the tests (even just for practice or experience). 

Good scores can truly impact recruiting efforts because they are tangible numbers coaches can assess to determine if you are worth their additional time. Have strong scores by your rising junior summer; the most important recruiting summer.

3. Take Advantage of Mentorship

I wish we had known about the Dodgers program sooner.  It changed our daughter's life, and she ended up committing to play lacrosse at her first college choice.

Trusting Dee and the Dodgers staff is something I wish did earlier. It won't take long to see and understand that Dee's focus is to place your kid at the right school, not just anywhere. I remember our first summer tournament with Dodgers when Dee mentioned a couple of schools that expressed interest in our daughter.

She immediately started to guide us by offering perspective on some of the schools, understanding what kind of fit our daughter would have with various teams/programs/coaches. 

It was like Dee gave us 100% great news before taking back 75% of it. We now realize she truly had our daughter's best interest at heart, which has been worth so much more than the initial great news she gave us.

5. Stepping Stone to College

Most importantly, I wish I knew how fast this recruiting thing can happen and wished I had opened my eyes and heart a little more along the journey. We were so consumed with showing well and trying to make lasting lacrosse impressions, I sometimes forgot this is a game my daughter loves and it was her choice to try to pursue it in college.  

Looking back, we visited some of the most beautiful parts of the Northeast that we had never seen before and met some of the nicest people, especially those of the extended Dodgers family.

I'll always be thankful for the process with Dee and my daughter.  

College recruiting happens once in your daughter's life. 

Make it memorable!