Getting the Bang for the Buck

How can parents and players be sure they are spending wisely when it comes to lacrosse recruiting tournaments? So many emails! So many choices! How do I know what to do for my player?

I hear these statements and questions daily as a club director. It is very confusing at times, so here’s some advice to help you navigate the current landscape of club lacrosse as it relates to the recruiting process so you can consider all the factors and make the best decisions for your family.

1.     You need to do your homework. Explore schools, and visit schools so you know what you might like and might not like about schools. If the schools are far away, consider taking a virtual tour.

2.     Talk to the coaches and your club director about your level of play and what schools may be appropriate for you in terms of your academics and lacrosse.

3.     With the new NCAA Division I recruiting rules that push the initial date of communication between DI coaches and prospects and their families back to September 1 of the junior year, players will now have a great opportunity to take their time finding the right fit for academics and lacrosse.

4.     Tournaments – you must go where the coaches are! You cannot be seen if the coaches are not there. We choose our events based on our experience of where the coaches will be during the summer and fall recruiting season.

5.     Write to them early! Coaches are unlikely to “discover you” on their own. Just like you want to be loved by the coaches at the school you choose, they want players who want to be at their schools.

6.     Recruiting happens during a very short window of time, so invest wisely. Choose a club that focuses on teaching the game and the skills needed, as well as helping you find the right academic match. No one graduates with a degree in lacrosse!

7.     Be prepared for camps, tournaments and clinics. Be mentally ready, emotionally ready, and physically ready to perform your best.

8.     Be a great teammate, be engaged on the sidelines, be respectful of the other team (coaches notice this!), and enjoy this special time with your lacrosse family because it is gone before you know it. Have fun.

9.     Stay engaged with the top schools on your list, plan a second visit, continue to email the coaches, attend camps and clinics at the school, and let them know how you feel about the school and where you are in your recruiting process.

10. Do not take rejection personally. There is a place for every player and student athlete. We all will have different paths to our special place… but you will find it. Stay positive.

Still not sure what events to attend or how to manage your process? Do not hesitate to ask your coaches for advice! That is what the Dodgers staff is here for: to help you along this journey!