What I miss About Summer LAX!

After leaving my old club team and joining Dodgers I was nervous about how I would fit into the team and their community. From the second I joined, Dee welcomed me with open arms and made me feel immediately part of the Dodger family. The girls were fun, welcoming, and great teammates, which was something that had been missing from my other club team. The amount of fun and dedication our entire team had made us play hard not only for ourselves, but for each other. Now, a year after my dodger career has ended I still have lasting relationships with many of my teammates. One dodger will even be my roommate in college! Coming back this year to watch the Dodgers play in summer tournaments was really eye opening for me about how much I miss it. Getting to play a ton of lacrosse all in one weekend, going out to eat with my teammates, and having fun at practices with them was something that I took for granted. Joining the Dodgers three years ago changed not only my lacrosse experience and career, but my whole life. I have been so fortunate to be a part of this Dodger family with their incredible players and coaching staff. I have made memories that will last forever and will always miss the events I have gotten to be apart of with them.


Sophie '18