Last year, before the Dodgers created a Florida team, we were contemplating joining the Dodgers.  In talking with Dee for the first time, she suggested I speak with a few of the Florida families as references before making a decision.  I spoke with one family and they started the conversation with, “Dee has truly changed our lives.”  After about an hour and a half, the conversation ended with the same, bold statement.  I have to admit, I was still a little skeptical and certainly didn’t think one person could impact our lives as claimed, but, how wrong I was. We took the leap of faith and joined the Dodgers. After just one summer with Dee I can honestly say, “She has truly changed our lives as well.”  It was, by far, the best decision we could have ever made for our daughter’s collegiate and lacrosse future.

Scott and Heidi, Parent of ’17, Florida

I really can’t thank Dee enough for the support she and the Dodgers family have shown Lauren.  It’s been amazing.  The connections made for her with other players and support have really gone a long way to helping her AND showing her what friendship, teamwork, loyalty, compassion, trust, and giving back truly mean.  When people ask me about the Dodgers program, this is what I talk about.  Yes of course there’s the game of Lax involved, but to me this Fellowship of strong women of all ages that have developed and grown into the Dodgers club represent the true strength of the organization.  It’s not about winning or losing but about growing, learning, fellowship and everything else around it that makes these young women grow into awesome adults.  

Bob, Parent of '19, Burlington, CT

Dodgers has been a great fit for our family's needs. Living out of State in a non-traditional lacrosse area we are behind the lacrosse curve in many different areas. The Dodgers provides our girls with strong and current  "East Coast" Lacrosse training, philosophy and competition.  The multitude of clinics that the Dodgers offers, with elite college coaches leading the personal instruction, has been a valuable learning experience - so helpful in highlighting what the collegiate expectation will be for the athletes and their families. As well,  CT families have gone out of their way to create an inclusive, friendly atmosphere. The Dodgers purposeful flexibility in accommodating a great variety of needs speaks volumes about their commitment to their athletes as their first priority. 

Christine, Parent of '16 and '18, MinnESOTA 

We cannot be happier with our time with the CT Dodgers! We moved to the Dodgers last year from another lacrosse club. We could see a big difference on how they run their club from the moment we began with the Dodgers. We really loved the idea that there were no tryouts and every player who joined the club had the same opportunity as any other player there. Some players don't tryout well or even have a bad day so the idea of no tryouts seemed like a great way to go. What really impressed us was the high level of training that these girls receive not only in training but also at the tournaments they attend. Dee Stephan brings in some of the best college coaches in the country to train and support all the players. When we played the Presidents Cup last November, we played in the top bracket with some of the best teams in the country. The competition was fantastic! I also applaud the fact that when my daughter joined she was new to the team but Dee made sure that everyone made her feel welcome and part of the team. We are really looking forward to the summer tournament season.

Joe and Denise, Parent of '17,  Madison, CT

Our daughter, Hannah, was a relative latecomer to lacrosse, and in the capable hands of Dee, Jamie, and other Dodgers coaches – most notably, Kris – she got up to speed (and then some) quickly. She will be playing in college this fall. We were introduced to Dodgers by a friend when the club was pretty new and our only interest was to help our then sophomore daughter find some instructional clinics.
The Dodgers staff was welcoming; the pace and the commitment were manageable; and, most importantly, the focus was squarely where we wanted it: on developing skilled players and having fun. Hannah got the great skill instruction she sought during her two years with the Dodgers - and so much more. The Dodgers have a healthy philosophy centered on teaching the game of lacrosse; developing strong, supportive teams; and helping individual players meet realistic goals.
This fall, the girls from Hannah’s Dodgers team will be heading to a broad range of excellent colleges; some are going on to play DI lacrosse, others DIII, some club, and some will be packing their sticks purely for recreational purposes. Each girl has landed in the place that’s right for her and, in some way, the Dodgers experience helped her get there. Getting seen at tournaments and recruited by colleges was never our goal (nor did we think it was even a possibility) for Hannah. The fact that it happened was a pleasant surprise and an added bonus to what really mattered: on the Dodgers team, Hannah learned, and came to love, the game of lacrosse.

Susan and Bob, Parent of '15, Avon, CT

When our daughter was a Freshman in High School, her school’s headmaster (who has a passion for her school’s girl’s varsity lacrosse program) encouraged our daughter to look for a club team to play with over the summer. This was our first introduction to the world of club sports. We made several inquiries to parents we knew and word kept coming back to look at the Dodgers. We did with our daughter and she quickly joined the team. It was our only look, but we were all absolutely enamored and thrilled with the level of coaching, competition and team spirit.   
Over the last couple of years, our daughter has been actively recruited by other teams. She has considered them and even kicked the tires and quickly come to the conclusion that the Dodgers is the premier program. The coaches care and are committed to their players. They work tirelessly to mentor players and enhance their skills. Simply put, they are engaged in having an impact and making a difference.  
The team's practices, clinics and tournaments are well thought and strategic. Dodger events are timed to work well for students who are either busy with activities at their high school or in boarding school. Our daughter attends a boarding school in New York and the logistics have worked well for us. 
We most highly recommend that you and your daughter consider the Dodgers. Our experience has been outstanding. We mourn the day that our daughter will age out of the program.  

Robert and Emily, Parent of '16, Avon, CT

If you are seeking a Girls' Lacrosse program that will challenge and nurture your daughter, to develop her skills and talents, you can find none better than the Dodgers. What makes this program special is the focus on skill development, the love of game, and the desire for each girl to grow and achieve their goals. The Dodgers is not just a club but is a club of special people. The players, families and coaches become an extended family, supporting one another and creating an atmosphere where goals are set and celebrated when achieved. We are grateful to the coaches who took our daughters desire to become the best lacrosse player she could be and, challenged and worked her to gain game understanding, position play, stick/body awareness and confidence.
Our daughter’s path included her desire to play in college; the Dodgers program guided that path with genuine knowledge of the college recruiting process and landscape. If your daughter seeks and is committed to playing beyond high school, there could be no better extended family than the Dodgers staff to work diligently for your daughters best interest. We are happy to share our experience with anyone who is interested and believe your decision to join the Dodgers would be the best choice when considering Lacrosse.

Robbie and Gina, Parent of '17 and '20, Florida

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